Monday, March 14, 2011

...and everythings alright.

Ever since a child I have been enamoured by the beauty the dawn brings with it. The cool night air brough out ideas and hopes came alive. Last night I sat outside at 4 just as dawn breaks and everything is sane and penned these few thinking of the beauty in black that is truly magical, mystic and in the best way put- simply mine.

Beauty stood in the face of dawn,
Just as dusk had told the night,
I have my stars with me he had said - now dust settles for light,
A myriad colour will fill the sky as dark turns blue to white.
The end is near the nights been long,
and everythings alright.


Arvind Passey said...

Interesting choice of words...

Restlessilence said...

Very beautiful. Write more often.