Tuesday, June 14, 2011

And then there were none..

Is it true? she questioned, clutching my finger, draining it white as though hope would drip from it.
'Yes' I remarked, 'they have gone' only to see hope fade from her eyes.

Where did they go? She asked me quickly. 'I wish I knew' I replied. 'Had I known, I would have tried calling them back.' Have you met them? She attacked in all earnest. I smiled. 'Unfortunately-no, but I feel good that I didn’t. Why regret missing them once they have left’

'Why did they go away?' She stuttered and asked. 'Their friends took them for a walk in the forest, one by one all of them were lost- until there were none'. Did you all not try finding them? – she gaped. 'Is it not not unfair to not go after & find missing friends?' - she questioned in a tone that sounded more like a protest.

'Tigers stay outdoors; I just hope they will find their way back one day’ I remarked.

-Future Diaries - Part 1; Circa 2050

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