Saturday, October 4, 2008

I often wonder what drives young men to take to arms. I realise they are driven towards a wrong cause by some men who were misled too. In the following lines I try to depict the scene of terrorist who is embarking on his task, in the hope that men do not take recourse by such measures for there are people as well as a power that awaits to make amends.

Cowed down by ways of his life in a corner he sits scared,
With folded hands and open palms, head bowed down in prayer,
Misled by his virtues, his future on the floor,
A voice inside that’s telling him, to settle all his scores.

For tragedies yet to happen, all miseries he must stall,
Rise for the common cause, answer Allah’s call,
What he won’t know is that his heart is cold and still,
And all that he plans about, is against Allah’s will.

Misery in his bloodshot eyes, his lips spell out a curse,
Misunderstood, oft repeated a common holy verse,
Deep in prayer with beads of sweat upon his brow, he summons his men miss bred,
Heaven has been promised says he, our generations will be in debt.

Deep inside the valley reach the rays of early morn,
Cleanse the heart of those who trust in him, roses amongst the thorns,
Calls to god magnify the splendour of first light,
As men prepare to launch assault at the end of dark and ugly night.

Wailing wolves echo in the distance and shiver the cities dim lit streets,
A curfew holds all things still, and silence is replete,
Mourning sirens scream, the truth into the night,
It’s all over then end is here, the forces won the fight.

Cowed down by ways of his life, on the floor he lies,
With dusk passed away, a sordid chapter of his life,
Misery and misdeeds, his weapons by his side,
All is over now; it’s only the truth that does reside.

Misled by his virtues, his future on the floor,
It happened as almighty willed, settled were all scores.