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Bedse Caves – Outdoor Craving Appetizer

Casual mornings can have active afternoons like how the weather can sans notice. Last weekend we realized that the monsoons had finally come in full stead and as a family who treks religiously during this season decided to inaugurate it with a short hike.

Taking off at half past one we headed towards Talegaon.

An hour’s drive from Pune on the old Mumbai-Pune highway. At the Kamshet exit we pulled over towards the road that leads to Pawna and took the following route towards the village – Bedse. At the base of this village begins the small hike of a few hundred steps to third century Buddhist caves named after the village. Our visit began with the rain tearing into our faces soaking us to the bone, just the way it is supposed to be. The village known for the caves along with its dense population of snakes was also peppered with mango trees at the initial stages of the climb. The rain knocking on our heads and giant fresh water crabs making a dash for the nearest exit were the custo…


One man's stick is another's thorn,
One man's fair weather is another's storm.

The earth is turning and nights will fall,
Its even Stevens at the end of it all,


Its important to get ahead in life. For that, you may have to leave views, opinions and judgments behind. As long as they are not ethics. Getting ahead means leaving stuff behind - is all about setting an order of 'progression'


दिन का सदमा झेल चूका जब रात को घर लौट आये,
और तारे चमके, निंदिया बिखरे, सिराहना सिमट न पाए,
बादल बिसरे और मेघा तनहा चादर पर शीत लेहर बरसाए,
उठ खड़ा शरीर नीली रतिया मैं बह जाये.

अवाज़ फिजा की कानो मैं कोयल सी यह कह जाये - जो है अभी है - कल यह नहीं है - सूरज सब ले जाये.

रात में तू सपने ना देख, जब रतिए सावन सहलाये.