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Cold Nights

Then there were those nights. Long cold ones.
My sister and I would camp on top of our terrace.
Climb a 10 by 6 meter long water tank by measure of an old rusty ladder.

Cold January winter wind would blow away the chance for any fleeting insect to interrupt our conversations. We did nothing but lay back on our backs immune to the cold concrete beneath us gazing at stars as if each narrated a tale.

Minutes turned to hours and the nights went late only to be suddenly interrupted by the need to eat by someone among us and the long lecture by someone who would ask for more time.

A plane or two would land sometime infringing the peaceful circular motion of the sky and its family or the flickering of someones TV set from a nearby building taller than ours.

Few things mattered then in the pitch dark peaceful hideout - in the open yet away from all else.

Some days never return, I hope these do.


Was just reminded by another friend's blog post that I too have reached the same milestone at work at my second job.
So much has changed, so much hasn't.
So much has come by and gone past too.
Have liked some and let some of it be.
Met people, made friends and maintained acquaintances.
Met challenges, stood grounds and left some for the better.

Cherished most of it, hope it stays that way.