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Dinner - I

Earlier this year (details of my rant here) I decided that once every month I must dine with someone I had not dined before or met only recently. This supported by the rationale of my mind that people unveil their true selves or sometimes reveal the true 'you' to yourself during such encounters, is something that I have managed to pull of rather successfully.
The people I have dined with are as follows and I shall continue to update this list in posts hereafter as a continuation of this detailed word rant. Mr Silent Assassin - A fellow colleague who speaks less, eats more than he speaks and whose excellence at work is directly proportional to the amount that he speaks while he eats is the first person to make it to the list. Dining with him is a pleasure since he attacks norms that brands follow, shares work learning's and loves films. I too reciprocate in the same way. Why is he good to dine with? He makes you realise that ideas are worth every bit of rejection. Even if t…

The Fine Art of Toothpick disposal.

Apart from common challenges such as getting the non-veg platter serving steward to make frequent rounds towards your gathering of stags or even getting a table closest to the bar there are few others tests that an Indian may face as big as disposing the toothpick which has no meat or any other vegetarian fare wrapped to it. Now if only they were a cigar that you could wield with the dexterity of a Swedish masseuse in your fingers things would have been different.

Fear not, for I have keenly observed how several other stags dealt with the same managerial issue. My keenly observant self-rushed to document the same with an eye as keen as an Infosys project manager documenting processes at an offsite deployment.
Here are the 2 ways that you can combat the issue of the bare food stick at any gathering:
Equated Monthly Instalments or the Goat dropping style: No, finance companies have not got anything to do with this and neither do goat droppings; it’s just the disposal of the toothpick th…

Please Mind the Gap

The New Delhi Metro Co-operation is bringing people closer like never before. 
If 'Connecting People' was not a Nokia statement this mode of transport would surely have  associated with the line in terms of the how it carries people in it or into it. Even the unsuspecting ones, who stand near its doors at Rajiv Chowk trying to peek into the ladies compartment from the outside.
None the less, this post is not about the service or how it has efficiently transformed the city and its appeal to those who needed a much needed system in getting from Place A to Place B. Its about prediction. Yes, you read correctly - prediction. I am going to simplify and tell you the 5 kinds of specimen of the homo-sapien race that you are sure to find within the metallic canisters that have doors waiting to pinch the skin off that fat uncles rear. This, no matter how many layers of clothes he will pile on and no matter how far ahead he has to descend it his duty to stand near the door and sway to t…