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Things he says...

Over the years, he has always told me things that no mater how much I reject always win me over to their side. Rules, advice or simple statements they hold true always.
For me these are the gospel truth I go back to each time I am in doubt. They are:

Never let someone else make their convenience your inconvenience.Familiarity breeds contempt.Take no one for granted - not even me.Nothing ever stays the same. Ceteris Paribus will never hold true.

You are that weird Onion....

Its what I got called a few days ago.
Funny but an apt description of me I guess.
I speak much lesser than what goes on in the top floor of my frail anatomy most often.
Some say am observant. Some call me lost. Some say I pretend. Some say I am mean.
I know am honest. I know I listen.
All the time.
Onions are hard on the outside.
With each layer revealing a new side.
Not disappointing. But depending how you unravel each layer.

I am an Onion.

Tomorrow will always remain a tomorrow....

War is not worthy....

War is not worthy for it kills mostly those who are least responsible for it.

We lost 5 able men day before yesterday.
Not fighting someone else's war but trying to put a stop to it.
While the nation trudges into the depths of other trivial issues, I refuse to be categorised as someone who forgets.

The Unsung soldier shall always live on.

We always have a choice.....

"Whatever comes our way, whatever battle we have raging inside us, we always have a choice.  It's the choices that make us who we are, and we could always choose to do what's right." - Peter Parker
The gospel truth for me whenever I have been in doubt about making a choice. Even if its about me.

These 2

How proud are you about seeing people you know go places?
Seeing them grow?
Seeing them inspire you.
Seeing them teach you a thing or two when they claimed that that's what you did in the first place.

I know two and am grateful they came by my way.
Megs & Krusty

I have.

Lost money.
Lost weight.
Lost heart.
Lost faith.
Lost time.
Lost hair.
Lost myself.
Lost miles.
Lost friends.
Lost plans.
Lost charge.
Lost credit.
Lost spunk.
Lost strength.
Lost papers.
Lost keys.
Lost love.

Hope, Not yet. Never.