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Over & Out

So 2015 was quite uneventful & drab but even then it has its share of personal achievements that I can think of. Clicking pictures and writing took a back seat, I chose to soak it all in rather than look through the viewfinder that often.
I traveled and how. A personal decision became a mission and one that was well achieved. Where all did I go? Amsterdam, Delhi (Thrice), Chennai (Twice), Goa, Srinagar - Gulmarg, Pondicherry. Can't wait to better this in 2016. Cooked to save a life and more. Chicken curries and rice and a tad bit more. I want to move onto making cocktails now.Traveled with my sibling. While I have traveled with friends, family & cousins I have never traveled with her alone.Went to Kashmir. The place was home once - as my grand mom tells me & exactly how she described it from memory.Two of my closest friends got married. One after over 12 years of courtship. True love exists.Attend a Telugu wedding - check.Aced all my tests - blood tests of some 8 types…

Curtains to 2015

2015 was a let down of a year.

1. Passenger planes across the world crashed, were shot down or simply vanished.
2. Ebola died a slow death but took with it a many lives. Black lives.
3. Terror changed a new face in the form of ISIS & Boko Haram and their violent videos.
4. Nepal shook with the quake & shook the world.
5. Greece stumbled & tripped. Germany pointed an laughed.
6. Nigeria, Australia, Lebanon, Pakistan, Mali, India & now France faced terror attacks.
7. Obama talked the walk on Syria, Putin walked all over Syria.
8. LVG & Jose walked all over themselves.
9. The refugee crisis stung Europe & its larger parts. The biggest since WW-Two.
10. iPhone 6 made money.
11. After AIDS & racism, US battled 'Donald Trump' as its biggest cranial infection.
12. Indians let Prem Ratan Dhan Payo make 100 Cr & a handful few watched Masaan.
13. We lost Christopher Lee, Omar Sharif, APJ Abdul Kalam, James Horner & Leonard Nimoy.
14. Chennai sank.


Its weirdly wonderful.

All my life I have grown up speaking the language at home. Not having heard it outside the 4 walls of my home or amidst a people I can count on my hands. So when we landed and we conversed with nearly each and every one around us in Kashur it was a feeling of familiarity and warmth. We were on a trip but at home.

“I dream of lost vocabularies that might express some of what we no longer can.”  - Anon

A scatter of yellow mingled with the tinges of white as light sneaked in through the whiskey glass that rested in the palms of his hand flattening the creases that held his future. A few shades escaped in the trickle that slid as the glass tilted towards his parched lips. His lips curved to a smile as he looked at his future ahead.

All of three, she smiled back as well.


चाशनी मोहब्बतों के लफ़्ज़ ,
मिले जो तेरी ज़ुबान से,
फ़िज़ा में गिरे रंग गुलाल से,
रोशन मेरी निगह कर गए ।

(When the sugary words of love met your lips, the wind red in hue brightened up my sight)

अब आगे

कल तक आपने देखा, अब आगे ।

Guess life is all about moving on or else one would miss the views ahead.

Immerse yourself

There is this strange familiarity water has.
When you are in it ensconced and alone you aren't really alone for its swallowed you whole within itself.
A lot like love.
Its all around you when you are in it.
You see though it and its still there - everywhere.


One of those times when you were as clear in the head as you could be.

The Amsterdam harbor and the moon reflecting off it in patches and parts.


तेरी हर तस्वीर से वाकिफ हूँ मैं,
तेरी हर चाह से रूबरू,
तू आईना है मेरा,
तू चमके तो मैं चमकू

Looking back

So a friend shared this list of a self-eval/look in the mirror of sort of a question list and it was something that I had to absolutely do. Plus making it the first post of the year and a look back makes it worth it.

So yeah, here is my shot at it.

2014 in review

1. Describe your 2014 in three words
# New
# Sudden
# Educative

2. What was your most common mental state this year?
Anxious & uneasy

3. What was the biggest event in your life this year?

4. What were your three happiest moments?
# December 2014
# Flying with Nani (her first time ever) Dec-Jan 2014
# Coming home in May

5. What new skills did you learn?
# Financial planning - a bit
# Loads of new stuff at work

6. What personal qualities or habits did you develop, cultivate, or strengthen?
# Started to think less and do more
# Write emails frequently to friends
# Shopped for my self

7. What new things did you discover about yourself?
I am doing okay. I need to go easy & focus on the personal front.

8. What litt…