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वह कहते हैं की मैं कुछ केहता नहीं,
जब सोचने से फुर्सत नहीं,
और मेरा लिखा कोई पढता नही.

Turning Two

I finished two years recently at a my job. Its a Company I joined two years ago (obviously) out of sheer frustration and a glass ceiling at the previous one. Needless to say fate and good fortune came around I landed a job at WPP's biggest media arm - GroupM. Its been a fun ride. It has had its share of ups and downs. Its positives and its negatives. I have managed to carve a niche for what I like to do. Managed to traverse two cities, seen and worked with prestigious brands and will complete 5 years of my work in advertising here hopefully. 
There are people I am immensely thankful and indebted to for all the help and support at the present stint.

People matter

There are so many ways of dealing nicely with people. Not with nice people - dealing nicely - with everyone. The page Humans of New York sure needs no introduction about it but the ways and methods those stories come up sure does. I am sure you will love what he says and use his approach in day to day life. We say so much about ourselves without saying so. Just how we move, walk, approach and go about our daily ways. Humility is character not behavior. So true.

Discover more on that in this video here