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It was sudden. As he pulled her up, he realised something had changed. It was not the same closeness he had experienced before. She did not hang on like she did earlier. Thinking about previous times, he realised how each physical encounter was a warm snug affair but this time it was not. It was cold and temporary. He wondered what had changed. Nothing had. If something really had changed, it must have been him. Each time he had chanced upon her and tried her she gave him the same feeling. The feeling of distance. Something was amiss this time. And it was then that it struck him.

It was his waist size, and hence the lack of intimacy. She was a size 32 pair of denims and he a bony waist of size 30. Life can be mean when you are down but meaner when naked and cold in a trial room (add the thought of being spied on)
(The above documentation is a chance encounter of my realisation of lost weight in a trial room. Humours as it may sound it in no way is. Please treat with utmost respect and …