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It was sudden. As he pulled her up, he realised something had changed. It was not the same closeness he had experienced before. She did not hang on like she did earlier. Thinking about previous times, he realised how each physical encounter was a warm snug affair but this time it was not. It was cold and temporary. He wondered what had changed. Nothing had. If something really had changed, it must have been him. Each time he had chanced upon her and tried her she gave him the same feeling. The feeling of distance. Something was amiss this time. And it was then that it struck him.

It was his waist size, and hence the lack of intimacy. She was a size 32 pair of denims and he a bony waist of size 30. Life can be mean when you are down but meaner when naked and cold in a trial room (add the thought of being spied on)
(The above documentation is a chance encounter of my realisation of lost weight in a trial room. Humours as it may sound it in no way is. Please treat with utmost respect and …


Money will never buy me,
Milestones will speak where I have been,
Images will never store me,
My minds knows what I've seen.


(If you have not been to Hampi, you have not been anywhere and If you have been to Hampi you need not go any place else)

Bedse Caves – Outdoor Craving Appetizer

Casual mornings can have active afternoons like how the weather can sans notice. Last weekend we realized that the monsoons had finally come in full stead and as a family who treks religiously during this season decided to inaugurate it with a short hike.

Taking off at half past one we headed towards Talegaon.

An hour’s drive from Pune on the old Mumbai-Pune highway. At the Kamshet exit we pulled over towards the road that leads to Pawna and took the following route towards the village – Bedse. At the base of this village begins the small hike of a few hundred steps to third century Buddhist caves named after the village. Our visit began with the rain tearing into our faces soaking us to the bone, just the way it is supposed to be. The village known for the caves along with its dense population of snakes was also peppered with mango trees at the initial stages of the climb. The rain knocking on our heads and giant fresh water crabs making a dash for the nearest exit were the custo…


One man's stick is another's thorn,
One man's fair weather is another's storm.

The earth is turning and nights will fall,
Its even Stevens at the end of it all,


Its important to get ahead in life. For that, you may have to leave views, opinions and judgments behind. As long as they are not ethics. Getting ahead means leaving stuff behind - is all about setting an order of 'progression'


दिन का सदमा झेल चूका जब रात को घर लौट आये,
और तारे चमके, निंदिया बिखरे, सिराहना सिमट न पाए,
बादल बिसरे और मेघा तनहा चादर पर शीत लेहर बरसाए,
उठ खड़ा शरीर नीली रतिया मैं बह जाये.

अवाज़ फिजा की कानो मैं कोयल सी यह कह जाये - जो है अभी है - कल यह नहीं है - सूरज सब ले जाये.

रात में तू सपने ना देख, जब रतिए सावन सहलाये.


Over the last 6 months, I have been hearing some great tracks that keep me entertained and occupied. Just thought that I must share it:

1. Strobe - Deadmau5
2. Spacebound - Eminem
3. Teri Yadein - Anonymous
4. Written in the stars - Tinie Tempah
5. Black Room Boy - Above & Beyond
6. Aik Alif - Saieen Zahoor and Noori Produced by Rohail Hyatt
7. HR8938 - Deadmau5
8. Sound of arrows magic
9. Tujhse Naraz nahi Zindagi - Masoom
10. Mujhko Yakein Hai - Jagjit Singh
11. Rolling in the deep - Linkin Park
12. Airplanes - B.O.B feat. Hayley Williams of Paramore
13. Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal
14. Society - Eddie Vedder

Hope you love them!


It was only a fling, an annual thing.
She came to sing, binding soil & leaf like string,
Olive was her shroud when it touched the ground,
Grey when it was when she roamed amongst the clouds.
It was sweeter than birds of spring, when she began to sing,

It was only a fling, an annual thing.

(Monsoons in the western ghats in India)


Hain saanse parinda,
Pinjra jism sa,

Sama ik sadi hai,
Utarta ik shan sa...

(Our breath is our body imprisoned like in a cage, Moods are like seconds descending from time)

And then there were none..

Is it true? she questioned, clutching my finger, draining it white as though hope would drip from it.
'Yes' I remarked, 'they have gone' only to see hope fade from her eyes.
Where did they go? She asked me quickly. 'I wish I knew' I replied. 'Had I known, I would have tried calling them back.' Have you met them? She attacked in all earnest. I smiled. 'Unfortunately-no, but I feel good that I didn’t. Why regret missing them once they have left’
'Why did they go away?' She stuttered and asked. 'Their friends took them for a walk in the forest, one by one all of them were lost- until there were none'. Did you all not try finding them? – she gaped. 'Is it not not unfair to not go after & find missing friends?' - she questioned in a tone that sounded more like a protest.
'Tigers stay outdoors; I just hope they will find their way back one day’ I remarked.
-Future Diaries - Part 1; Circa 2050

The Sighting

It was half past 5 when I saw her again; staring at her like I had seen her before, not amazed but somehow distracted, the kind when you see a familiar face in a crowded street. I stumbled.
There were commonalities I thought we shared – lines of fate carved on her by the sands of time similar to those on my palms that had frequently prayed that a day like this come by. As I moved on taking deep breaths of air, I thought to myself what if this was the last? Had I seen her enough? Will I ever see her again? What if this moment was a present?
Provoked, inspired and defaulting on time I chased her taking in wholesome views of whatever I could. Romancing her by the touch of my fingers or by the fixed gaze of my eyes she provoked me with whatever little I could see in the failing light of dusk. So I moved on chasing her wherever I could see glimpses. Reaching out to her till I touched her on the roses in her hair or passed the temple cow she had prayed to for centuries. Her beauty unraveled …

...and everythings alright.

Ever since a child I have been enamoured by the beauty the dawn brings with it. The cool night air brough out ideas and hopes came alive. Last night I sat outside at 4 just as dawn breaks and everything is sane and penned these few thinking of the beauty in black that is truly magical, mystic and in the best way put- simply mine.

Beauty stood in the face of dawn,
Just as dusk had told the night,
I have my stars with me he had said - now dust settles for light,
A myriad colour will fill the sky as dark turns blue to white.
The end is near the nights been long,
and everythings alright.