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Superb Chhe

Nothing can set the heart afire as much as a successful love story.  This is one such. Chintu gets his Pooja. 

Choose Two

Money, love & health you will always be finding Choose two and the third goes into hiding.


While most of our fears arise from the dead & the past,
What we must fear most is loosing the present & in the living.
The past is powerless & the present not recurring.


Some tracks are too powerful. More than they should be.

They draw you in like sand shifting beneath your feet on a beach & then leave you washed ashore feeling drained by the sheer force of  their turbulence.

Picture this.

When I simply cant say anything, I just take a picture.

The Calling

For those who look for heaven, must look beneath their feet.

Degree Selfless

If you like the rain
You like the mist
If you like the fog
You like the rain

(Its nearly 0 degrees in Gurgaon, hence)

Twice I guess

Ever felt insignificant and still proud about it? I have. Twice I guess if I can recollect clearly. The feeling of being nothing and something at the same time is purely humbling and nothing short of an awakening. Possessing the power to bring change or being impactful, no matter at what end of the spectrum the nature of impact lies at. It’s happened. Twice I guess if I can recollect clearly.
The first was on a road trip. Tired and aching with absorbing as much as one possibly can, I trudged atop a hill that looked more like a summit put together by gathered pebbles. Reaching the top with my legs racing ahead of the synapses sent to it from my medulla oblongata the lactic acid build up in my calves calmed me down. As I settled down to gather my sense of achievement of reaching the top, I was ambushed by a sight that simply wrecked apart the pleasure-seeking motives I had chased all year long. Gazing across a torrid landscape of orange rock and green plantain leaves that seemed to thr…

Things to do - 2013

Everyone has objectives.  Mine are kept to a 5 month period.  However for 2013, I have these ahead of me.

Shoot over 100 images I am proud of. Write a minimum 8 posts a month here. I surely can do better.Have a meal with someone different every month and learn something over a conversation. Nothing can teach one more than listening to another over food.Write letters - old fashioned I know but its the best way to speak. To whom? That is a good question.Go back and frame all my stamps in a showcase worthy fashion. Over 5000 stamps is no joke.Shoot a portfolio of the women important to me.Start cooking. Two of my siblings can. I believe I can too.Go climbing - so close yet so far from the Himalayas can never be good. Also, adding Rajasthan to this bit since its a part of my childhood and life learnings.Be selfless - make a donation towards something. I help with charity but can do better.Take another holiday with the siblings. I did it last year and it was worth it. Plan to make this an …