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Things to do - 2013

Everyone has objectives. 
Mine are kept to a 5 month period. 
However for 2013, I have these ahead of me.

  1. Shoot over 100 images I am proud of. 
  2. Write a minimum 8 posts a month here. I surely can do better.
  3. Have a meal with someone different every month and learn something over a conversation. Nothing can teach one more than listening to another over food.
  4. Write letters - old fashioned I know but its the best way to speak. To whom? That is a good question.
  5. Go back and frame all my stamps in a showcase worthy fashion. Over 5000 stamps is no joke.
  6. Shoot a portfolio of the women important to me.
  7. Start cooking. Two of my siblings can. I believe I can too.
  8. Go climbing - so close yet so far from the Himalayas can never be good. Also, adding Rajasthan to this bit since its a part of my childhood and life learnings.
  9. Be selfless - make a donation towards something. I help with charity but can do better.
  10. Take another holiday with the siblings. I did it last year and it was worth it. Plan to make this an annual affair.
(Chose the image above since it stack multi-colour bowls. Similar to the list here)


P. said…
'Tis a good strong list.

You a philatelist? Had no idea! Seems like a fabulous hobby. You must most definitely showcase them well.

All the luck for 2013, Akshay!
Yep, since class 3 or 4 I guess. Still do. : )

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