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Patriotism for me was best depicted when SRK (in Swades) looks out of his window seconds before he is to set foot in India. Nothing describes detachment better than the wheels of a plane seconds after take off. This was exactly the opposite - done brilliantly.

Meanwhile, AR Rahman used only 5 notes of the shehnai for SRK & the audiences to feel homesick repeatedly in the film. Even those who were in India felt homesick/guilty.

The first film in a long time that did not show patriotism in the light  of violence, hatred and turbulent times and still struck a chord with the audiences.

Wonder where the wiser filmmakers are hiding now or are the scripts.

PS: This was also a rare time when an SRK films made sense to me. (I know this comment will draw flack for me)


RB said…
That shehnai!
P. said…
No flak at all.

Chak De! and Swades were among the best of his cinematic works. And for me, both stir emotion and patriotism like no other film can.

But what a chord you've struck. I've looked out of the window with that expression simply too many times.

I have a tiny heartbreak each time I leave a city...

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