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Women indispensable

The lady with the eyes. Eyes that talk, eyes that kill, eyes that convey a myriad emotions. Her antics and talk keep the mood afloat. The kiddo, the supervisor, the instructor.... Loved by all..... Aarit!

The wizard with the tongs ! Neha I love you !  Your hands can stir up magic and sever meat - human and animals alike!

Bangkwang Times

Dedicated below these few lines are for the unrelenting spirit of a few of my colleagues:

You have been blooded, said the old man to his son,
It’s now that you are fit to fight,
I know you are now wounded; it’s only now your minds in flight.

The sound of a moist pen on the arid folds of paper,
Its crease on the wilted white,
Proved more firm than words on stone,
For you knew your spirit was right.

Write on, pledge every drop of blood to the color in your pen,
For I know this was not once, such battles will happen again.

Go on Bangkwang!