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Dinner - II

Continuing from the earlier write up Dinner - I this is its part two and gets me to its half way target that I had in mind earlier this year. So I had two more meals with two new people. The core point of all these meals being it has to be two people, a meal and a conversation.

Little Miss Muffet - The last thing I like to do is eat in a hurry. She had an plan that hastened the present. Plus making a decision of a choice of restaurant should not be like a life threatening one. Post work meal that I wish I had not even meditated for. I love the kid none the less.Mr In Common - Defence background, common companies in the resume and a common point of view on a way of functioning. This mid-day meal at the place where I am working with as an embed was a short quick meal that just happened to pan over a quick short conversation.  What can a meal offer you? Get the taste buds of your very grey cells activated.
More until later.

That is Water.

Life before Death is more important than Life after Death.
Education that redeems the mind to be free is what is true education rather than what binds it to aspire for it.
That is Water.


फुर्सत मिले न मिले,
में मिलूंगी  ज़रूर 
- किस्मत


चल खोल मन की खिड़की, 
अब छोड़ लेना सिस्की,
ले हाथों में व्हीस्की (whiskey) ,
एक टशन उड़ा

मन पे डाल जादू टोना,
चल छोड़ तु अब रोना,
सपना  टूटे या खिलौना,
एक टशन उड़ा

कानों में डाल मन का गीत,
बजने दे ओन रिपीट,
लेट इट स्विंग टू अ बीट,
एक टशन उड़ा

अब छोड़ बोर होना,
है खुद के मन को मोहना,
जैसे चाय में बिस्कुट डुबोना,
एक टशन उड़ा

(रोज़ मर्रा की ज़िन्दगी से स्वयं को प्रेरित करने का एक हास्य प्रयास)


There is nothing more destructive than the power of a creative mind.