Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Spirit in Strife

The following thoughts of mine found their way to form a prose when I happened to witness the courage of a soldier’s family on national television in the advent of his martyrdom. Soldiers who die an unsung death don’t really do so as long as the select few such as me and may be you continue to acknowledge the spirit, commitment, and dedication shown by them every moment, everyday.

Rising white moonlight had their backs outlined,
A thousand miles away an old wrinkled face smiled,
Pacified by glory, armed by spirit in strife,
She stood at her doorway counting shreds of life,

A million stars dismembered the pattern of the sky,
As thunder split the heavens and fire came alive.
Tears wet her veil, hope shielded her eyes,
From promises unkempt, hollow truths and lies,

Powder filled the winter air and time came to a hold,
Metal shred the hillside, a young life moaned.
Stretched by valour, tested by vagaries of time,
Hope became glimmer and faded away the shine.

Down came the colours, guns rang out loud,
Draped in national honour, a simple white shroud.
Bent by promises of a million broken lies,
There came the hero and a wrinkled face smiled.

Pacified by glory, armed by spirit in strife,
She stood by her son till dawn, counting shreds of life.


Rejil Krishnan said...

akshay...applause not just for the poem, but the feel it generated... i hv copied it with no copyright infringement...

Nishant Shah said...


Nishant Shah said...