Monday, July 29, 2013

He & Her - Part Two

As the warm whiff of the earths perfume accompanied her arms each time they wrapped around me, she gently whispered into my ears stories of the far away lands she had seen.
At night while the stars watched her run past my fingers connivingly, my eyes closed to convince me of having caught up with her. In fiction at least, finally we were one.

That is how much I loved her - the wind.

Part One


P. said...


Will there be a He & Her with the ocean? :)

Akshay Brijkrishan said...

Some day! Yes. Of course nothing like the sound of the ocean with the wind in your hair. : )

Krutika3107 said...

Beautiful Akshay.:')

Akshay Brijkrishan said...

I try Megs : )