Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dinner - III

A post after nearly a month or more. Continuing the promise I made to write about encounters over meals, this one gets me nearly close to the one a month target I set for myself in Jan. The past encounters listed here and here can be read if anyone missed the last two.

The two people I managed to get supper and brunch with happen to be known people. However, the amount people tell you about themselves over a meal can be a bit more than what they would normally do.

  • Bro - No one can call her that although she would call anyone and everyone the same faster than you can say.... A chance decision of a quick bite in the last few months she would say she has at work (and still not leave) made this dinner almost a quick dash. It was fun at this place opp IIT Delhi at a cafe covered in post it notes. Makes for an excellent disguise for flaking walls. You loose track where the wall was bad and where it had the post its. The meal was fun. She spoke, I listened. That is always how its been and hope it stays that way. You cant do much either.
  • Gangster - Not by acts but by the sheer approach to life and also her phone's auto correct. She ordered - I ate. I also found out that she never knew she was Punjabi and also was related to a famous Indian dacoit. I paid the bill (cant take chances) that was pure veg but filled with chatter around her life, ex crushes and what she does is why. One epic meal.
More until later.

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