Sunday, November 17, 2013

Happiness Is...

So this ones a lift from a friends post who writes way better and more often than me.
Her post made me think of attempting the same on what defines the word.

So what is it to me?

- Watching a river float a leaf as it runs past until the leaf runs out of sight
- Sitting alone in a corner of the house with a book in dead silence
- Watching dust particles bath and glow in sunlight as it peers through the cracks in a window
- By standing and watching a joy wave ride through a bunch of special people
- Look at swallows at dusk and imagine them to be planes
- Watching strangers greet one another at airports
- Driving in the rain on an open highway
- Watching my sisters happy and then watching them try to conceal the emotion
- A drink with Dad
- Also, being his caddie on the course
- Perfect barbecue sauce & the family savoring it up
- A successful snake rescue
- Writing letters and this blog
- Receiving a call from a long lost friend
- Genuine Thank You's
- Hardbound classics
- Lonely planet's travelogues on TV
- Mom in some of my fav sarees
- Getting welcomed by my Dog home
- Restoring old photographs with the brother
- Standing alone to the sound of the wind and water in the western ghats
- That perfect tie knot



P. said...

Oh, I love so many of these! So much that I want to add them to my list.

The levitating dust, the driving in the rain, the standing in the windy Western Ghats, the canine welcome :)


Meghna Asangi said...

Hardbound classics! :)

Akshay Brijkrishan said...

So glad you are writing more often no Megs! : )

sumon said...

Really awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Krutika Lal said...

Happiness is reading this. :)