Thursday, December 31, 2015

Over & Out

So 2015 was quite uneventful & drab but even then it has its share of personal achievements that I can think of. Clicking pictures and writing took a back seat, I chose to soak it all in rather than look through the viewfinder that often.
  1. I traveled and how. A personal decision became a mission and one that was well achieved. Where all did I go? Amsterdam, Delhi (Thrice), Chennai (Twice), Goa, Srinagar - Gulmarg, Pondicherry. Can't wait to better this in 2016. 
  2. Cooked to save a life and more. Chicken curries and rice and a tad bit more. I want to move onto making cocktails now.
  3. Traveled with my sibling. While I have traveled with friends, family & cousins I have never traveled with her alone.
  4. Went to Kashmir. The place was home once - as my grand mom tells me & exactly how she described it from memory.
  5. Two of my closest friends got married. One after over 12 years of courtship. True love exists.
  6. Attend a Telugu wedding - check.
  7. Aced all my tests - blood tests of some 8 types. Don't remember the last time I got them.
  8. Traveled by a plane, bus, tram, cycle, car & a boat - all on a single vacation itself. 
  9. Tried Marijuana : ) No wait - 'did' marijuana
  10. Took a holiday with a friend. Had never done so - strongly advise it.


P. said...

Such exciting items on this list. Particularly stoked about all trips you took with loved ones.

You were resilient and brave this year; I hope that 2016 rewards you for it and so much happiness comes your way. Love!

Akshay Brijkrishan said...

Not without you. Never could have or ever will.