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Its funny at a media institute people tell one to be care full with what he or she writes or speaks, especially when its the truth and a glaring one at that. So this next piece of writing is dedicated to those -who wish they were mute when questions are asked, blind when events unfold, to those who fold their hands and pray that they are deaf when the truth is told.

When god gave me hands to write on what i could not see.
He gave me ears, so i could hear,what was not meant to be.
So when i was asked to be aware of what i speak and write ,
I told that voice in my head, i wont go down without fight.
What do they know, who do advise of how things are meant to be,
for all they do is close their eyes and wish they can not see.
So forgive me those who in my words do not and will not trust,
for this is the way i live my life and my mind i must.
My pen will move powered on by valiant might and skill,
Indomitable is my spirit, unquestionable will be my will.


Rejil Krishnan said…
That was a real post... media college and their freedom are Utopian concepts.. most of them here nvr think logically nor can they use the powers given to speak out..hope things change sooon...
well written and well structured... loved it...
cuckoo said…
people love to sit and crib rather than do something about things....fear action....the complascency is almost scary....
Malini Banerjee said…
Why bother about others? You live for yourself. What you see, what you feel, what you experience are all yours. Nobody else will understand that.
It's not a media college specific phenomenon.
KD Ted Code said…

aptly said...

Hope this is published in the newsletter

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