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The massacre of innocent lives in Mumbai had millions of stories. Fortunately, most of those killed were not children. Unfortunately, several of those orphaned still.
The following lines are dedicated to all the children who shall have a void in their life forever. Those who lost their dad, mom or even both. These lines are also written for the wives who shall never see their husbands again, for husbands who shall never see their wives. In short, to all those who lost a loved one. For those who lost years in those hours, as well as to those who gained some, only to realise the vagaries of life.

(Above) The tall and mighty Taj a while after the incident... Took it from my cell camera on a bike ride with a friend...

With eyes so blue in a face so grim,
Songs of sorrow stored deep within,
Her heart growing weaker with growing pain,
Heart break as cold as winter rain.

She stalk midnight like shadows at noon,
And waits but knows he won’t be here soon,
Lights shine out at a distant scene,
Her mind lingers to places she has never been.

Her fingers and her gentle touch,
Will never speak about her past much,
From deep within she lets out a sigh,
With a sense of relief she wonders why,
And then the feeling sinks within,
As silence tears the roaring din.

With eyes so blue in a face so grim,
Songs of sorrow stored deep within,
She wonders what is with this that is right,
Her eyes close and thoughts take flight.

She will remember him by the words he said,
Times of yore when rhymes he read,
Her distant dream to hear his voice,
Any pain on earth it would suffice.

With eyes so blue in a face so grim,
Songs of sorrow stored deep within,
Her heart grows warm with faith that’s new,
For she knows she is one of few,
Who held his hand ever so close,
And it is she alone who only knows,
That he loved her like no one else,
As though she was a part of him, himself.


Rejil Krishnan said…
The emotions run a lot deeper than that can be expressed in words particularly when it's a slain soldier's house isnt? .. nice read.. but was more and more transported to the original space..
keerat said…
I agree with Regil.Its a nice read. Makes you think deeper...

I really appreciate your thought process Akshay.You are one of those people who dont view situations objectively but actually place yourself in other's shoes.
Anonymous said…
Painful expression. In other words, well written.
Ramya said…
very well written !!
KD Ted Code said…
connects at a very universal yet a personal level...


keep going dude.. you can feel the pulse... that's found rarely in today's poets..

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