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Have you ever?

Have you ever,

Had the sun flashing down at you through a row of trees like paparazzi and you squinted your eyes,
Stared the moon chase you down, while the train you sat in whistled past ravines,
Seen lights of passing cars on the walls of your room and made stories about them,
Been deafened by the wind while you lilted against its force - nearly floating,
Seen grass sway atop a hill like the waves of the sea and imagined it to be like your hair,
Stood on a cliff & felt swayed by the minority of your existence looking at the plains ahead,
Run your finger on rock and gravel thinking who else before you would have done that,
Stood dead still under a barrage of water in a waterfall thinking you have attained eternal peace,
Seen swallows dive in the dusk sky and compared them to planes in a dog fight,
Imagined floating dandelions to be ideas not yet thought of,

Have you ever?


P. said…
What lovely thoughts.

Strangely enough, I have squinted my eyes at the Sun and felt a sense of happiness. It surprised me.

Ditto to the gravel.

This is why we get along.
Like a house on fire. : )

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