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So much has happened in this year alone.
Its given me so much of food for thought and a drastic change in desires & responsibilities.

I thirst for different things.
Time has become priority.
Profession needs to take a back seat for a while I guess.
Health is under a special focus - for those I love & dear to me.
Some new friends and stronger bonds forged.
A new city - not like the old love it was.
Strands of grey - I love them.
Fewer blog posts, more drafts.
More pictures and lesser  comments.
More awareness than top of mind recall.
Have grown a thicker skin and a lighter vein (non sarcastic).
I traveled little & day dreamed a lot more.

Hope 2015 has more positives
Until then. Adios


Restlessilence said…
Why does it happen that every time I read your blog - I want to run back and write one of mine? :) You are not good for my drafts AK!

Nice read though - as always!
RB said…
This was good to read. Wish you a peaceful 2015 ahead.
Then do that Deeku.. Its always good..
Have an outstanding on too RB. You already began well!

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