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So plans are in place for a great time in the near future in Mumbai.

The list and itinerary for things to do in the magical city grow incredibly fast and only multiply each day. I have my bucket list of things to do too.

So here goes, my wishes for the city of mania, moods and money.
  1. Watch Monsoons lash the city at Marine Drive and Carter Road.
  2. Drink coffee at 2am on a winter night at Churchgate.
  3. Photograph the entire Gothic length of South Mumbai's famous addresses.
  4. Pick up a wine stack - a place where bottles can be stacked and memories stored in old yellow paper books.
  5. Document the wares and its sellers on a crowded Sunday afternoon at Chor Bazaar & Crawford Market.
  6. Complete a documentary of the Irani coffee haunts of South Mumbai. This includes haunts that are non-Irani and legendary still.
  7. Stack a list of top ten places in Mumbai that wine is best consumed at. Pali Village Cafe surely will be No 1. 
  8. Catch a game at the Wankhede or Brabourne on a Sunday. Preferably a test match where India is on the edge of an awesome victory.
  9. Watch a play - at least once every month. The most ancient and original form of communication sure does need some respect.
  10. Learn how to cook more than what I know of in Italian and Oven based cuisine.
  11. Stop cutting my hair every season and acknowledging that there are more than one styles that can be settled onto.  
  12. Create a book shelf compiled of good reads that can be kept for generations (alongside the wine stack)
  13. Buy a good armchair. Something that can be company on boring afternoons or repeated views of old Hrishikesh Mukherjee films.
  14. A good lantern made from cane that can spread yellow across the room while Floyd or Jagjit have their share of recognition too.
  15. Coffee maker that creates the most eclectic brews -strong enough to wake up your society watchman on a arid summer noon.
  16. Start writing on open sheets of paper and document events with images that are thumbnail in size. Makes for a good timeline for your home.
  17. My latest set of pets - Goldfish. They are the ultimate stress busters.
  18. Collate the entire stamp collection into one giant frame of size 4by3 feet for the wall cry foul about places that I wish to travel to and boast about some places I have gone to as well.
  19. Travel - to towns nearby and villages and write about every single one of them. 
Yeah, 19 is quite a list. I doubt that I will ever be able to refrain to add more to this.

   20. A Gramophone. 

Ok. I shall top at 20. This too wont last am sure! See you on the other side.

(Images used here are not mine and used from third party sources. Credit entirely theirs)

photo credit: Eustaquio Santimano via photopin


Peecee said…
This is a good list!Go get 'em tiger :D

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