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Me too!

So I have these superior friends for Bloggers who have started writing about their top 10 lists of food, places and almost all their exciting things in life. I on the other hand have a new pair of headphones to talk about and the fact that no mosquito bit me in the past two nights of slumber. Blame it on the fact that I slept like a log, but hey - a record is a record!

So I too have decided to share my 10 top achievements of the year gone by. Yep, I had some too!
These are personal and public.
Private yet shared.

  1. Starting to write in Hindi. I know I can and rarely share what I write but then a start has been made and it shall soon become better. Another plug in here being my Punjabi has improved too. More on that later.
  2. The SLR. Long time since I planned on buying one and finally I did so. Needless to say I have improved with the mechanics of painting with light.
  3. Delhi. What more can happen to someone who loves prose, likes to write and owns a camera. Delhi can make the coldest of souls go weak in the knees with all the history of a time gone by cast and preserved in stone. The move to Delhi has been so much worth it.
  4. Wine. Knowing brands and knowing wines within brands is quite different. I am not a connoisseur nor am I a social drinker but when I do have to make a choice I will be bang on with the teachings I have  imbibed over the past one year. A Chef for a sister and home town between the two Napa Valleys of India (Nashik & Satara) has also helped. Wine is like a woman. You need to consumer her in apt moments, shake her up so she can surprise you and then she just gets better with age. 
  5. Rumi. A rare encounter with a blog that had random lines that were simple yet so deep exposed me to Rumi. At the end of it all the final frame of Rockstar when not understood by most made so much sense to me. Sense truly lies in simplicity & Rumi is bang on.
  6. Goa. I made yet another trip to Goa in January this year. For a friends bachelors, who being from the state of Gujrat would not have seen so much alcohol like he did in those days. He completes a year of marriage this year and another comrade in arms gets hitched too. Goa has way to much etched in memory.
  7. Quitting my first job. I worked selflessly for 30 months which in any industry is far great experience for a first job. Then, things went stagnant. Challenges settled into procedural diktats and what was killing me was not even making me stronger. It had to go. So, I moved on. I did not resign. I don't. Never have and never will.
  8. Worked with the oldest brand in Travel & Hospitality. Ever held a Ming vase that costs a million bucks? Well I did, for nearly two whole damn years. Cox & Kings India was a brand that I owned, led and championed across what I do for a living. The experience - truly thrilling.
  9. My helmet got pimped. An illustrator friend who seems to be high on the drugs of paint and creativity sniffed some acetone and went completely wild on my helmet. Needless to say its one of the best Birthday gifts I have received in awhile. A post on that is pending though. Here is a glimpse
  10. I have a business plan. This will be revealed later.
In case you wish to follow the two who inspired this post and more coming later you can check their blogs here - http://fuchsiafunny.blogspot.in

Statutory warning: The look as good as they write.


P. said…
Pretty sharp list, yourself - I share 4 and 7 with you.

Thank you for the mention and I hope the year to come has so much more in store :)
You never disappoint me.. : )

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