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Contrary to the undercurrents prevailing in the present state of our hallowed nation, I for one have always been grateful to women who are and always will be the better of the two sexes.

Here are some who made 2012 an absolute rocker.
Their mentions are in the order of how I met them or how they have always been around me.

Sisters Neha & Aarti

Renu a.k.a Renuka
(Temperamental, Mental, Temperate zone dweller - mood defined)

PC a.k.a Priyam 'LongBongSurname'
Mood capturer, Part British, Exotic Indian living in the land of the long sword (Oman)

Chetasi, Neha, Vigya a.k.a Chittu, Chotu & Vigsy
(Green card holder, Fashionista, Dreamer - respectively)

Arunima a.k.a Shorty (Lights up your Dey, thinks in technicolour & conveys in Dolby)
Deb a.k.a Debby (Thinks Dolby, talks Dolby & lives Dolby)
Shilpa (She sings, strums,serenades & is one hot Tam babe)

Praachi Kapse a.k.a Ponchy
(PR Prof/practitioner, hyper sensitive to good humour & extremely easy to get drunk)

Mrs Sundararajan
(Former colleague, mother of a future engineer, future/fortune teller)

Ash, Roo, Chani & Sheetu
(New found friends, Part time colleagues, full time tormentors & family)

Like I once told some of them once 'You cant thank people for a period of time, when they have changed a year of your life by simply being a part of it.
Women may your tribe increase!


RB said…
This is lovely!

And Deb's picture is spectacular.
She is gorgeous by default.. Bong blood no..
P. said…
So this is why you were stalking profiles :) Love it - glad to have made the list and lucky to know so many of these fabulous women.

Much love from the land of the long sword!
How sweet! you are very lucky to have so many loving friends and thanks for including me amongst them.. Love you.
debanjana saha said…
It sure is great to be part of the list :) :)

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