Sunday, April 29, 2012

Just for kicks

Of late I have realised that half the youth in this country gets into drinking out of peer pressure if not all of it.
Not that it bothers me. To be honest it provides comic relief.

Sitting with friends & colleagues and often the butt of all jokes when I grab a coke or any other non alcoholic brew, is a common occurrence now. I do drink. I am not a teetotaller but then its the company & the occasion that matters to me most importantly. I can count on my fingers the few people whom I would love to grab a beer with and will do so without fail when the opportunity arises. Its all about the moment.

Alcohol does not intoxicate me.
Life and its moments do and if one has to take to alcohol to get life to kick started...well.

PS: I trip on wine and beer. In that order.  

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